WISTA International

WISTA – Women's International Shipping & Trading Association – is an international organisation for women in management positions involved in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. WISTA was founded in the UK in 1974 and has since become an umbrella association of all the national WISTA organisations. Each year WISTA membership continues to grow and there are currently around 2000 members in 33 countries worldwide.

WISTA organises an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to coincide with the International WISTA Annual Conference which is held in a different country each year.

The association is a major player for attracting more women to the industry and aims for growth through individual and national membership. WISTA offers support and guidance for the creation of new National WISTA Associations (NWA) in countries where women are eager to start up associations. 

The organisation promotes international business relationships among its members and encourages diversity and innovation throughout the industry. WISTA countries endeavour to foster development within the shipping industry and networking and Mentoring are common goals for all the NWAs.


WISTA-UK is the oldest of all national WISTA associations, dating back to 1974. Today WISTA-UK focuses on helping young people and newcomers leap into the maritime industry through networking, training, education and mentoring. WISTA-UK seeks to enhance members' competence and empower career success.

The organisation is devoted to networking and mentoring among its members, as well as interacting with other well-known associations within the industry, shipping companies, academia and maritime entities.

The majority of WISTA-UK members are based in London, however, there are also members from other regions. WISTA-UK organises events such as site visits, seminars, workshops and ‘shipping drinks’ once a month.

On the first Thursday of every month in Liverpool, two local members host a WISTA-UK shipping event and thanks to these maritime networking events WISTA-UK has played a huge role in fostering professional development and bringing people together to drive new business relationships.



We’re both delighted and proud to announce that Came by SHIP’s awareness campaign was nominated for the Maritime Foundation's First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Awards back in November 2015.

The First Sea Lord’s Digital Media Award is part of the Maritime Media Awards and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the awards. The Awards are held annually to extend the public understanding of Britain’s dependence on maritime matters by giving recognition to journalists, writers or film-makers in this sector.

With support from Image Line Communications, Came by SHIP regularly shares new information, news, facts and images about the shipping industry on several social media platforms. In just one year, the number of followers on Twitter has increased to almost 1,500.

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